Best Director: The Visual Effects Masterpiece

Last year’s Gravity, and Life of Pi the year before, have flipped-flopped the traditional way Best Picture and Best Director have split. When I stood with Steve Pond in the tent at the Spirit Awards the day before the Oscars and I was trying to convince him why I had changed my mind about Gravity winning Best Director and 12 Years a Slave winning Best Picture he was continuing the line of thinking that made the most sense: the uplifting crowdpleaser wins Best Picture and the film that is more artistically daring wins Best Director. This has been the case throughout Oscar history when looking at the split vote.
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Best Director: The Visual Effects Masterpiece

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1. Best red lip Is it just us or does this shade of red lipstick Mindy Kaling wore remind you of the exact ruby red of Dorothy's shoes in The Wizard of Oz ? Beautiful. Photo credit: Brian To/ 2. Best waves She definitely has that

Doing his best

Philip Best is trying to be the best he can be as husband to Julia for 16 years and father to Dominic, 22; Christina, 12; Jonathan, eight; and Sarah six. “Dominic was from Julia’s first marriage. When I met her he was three years old. I don’t

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Celebrate Costa Rica's World Cup Quarter Final Qualification With A Popular Costa Rican BBQ Dish

-- To celebrate the tiny nation of Costa Rica's quarter final qualification in the World Cup following a gruesome penalty shoot out, Creative Electronic Products Inc have come up with a fantastic Costa Rican BBQ recipe.
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News: Best Director: The Visual Effects Masterpiece

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